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Moves Headquarters to Profile Abu DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 220M

Profile Abu DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 220M

ANGHAMI, the Middle East and North Africa’s largest music streaming platform is based in Profile Abu DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 220M. The company has 72 million songs in its libraries and 75 million registered users across MENA.

Profile Abu DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 220M has established itself as a driving force in shaping the music industry in the region. With its mission to revolutionize the way people consume and access Arabic and international music. Its success is a testament to its focus on providing users with personalized recommendations, and its commitment to understanding local markets.

Why is Anghami based in Abu Dhabi?

Profile Abu DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 220M, the leading music streaming platform for Middle East and North Africa, has relocated its global headquarters to Abu Dhabi. The move was a result of the company’s partnership with Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO).

Founded in 2012, Anghami has accumulated over 1.4 million users and 35 million tracks in its music library, making it the largest music streaming platform for the region. Its success was recently reinforced by its $220 million fundraising round.

The UAE capital has long been seen as a hub for business and innovation, and Anghami’s decision to relocate was a strategic one. The city’s modern infrastructure and supportive government policies have given Anghami the tools it needs to continue to grow.

The firm reportedly plans to expand its content and services, including video streaming and podcasting. As well as an artist-focused platform called “Anghami Plus”. In addition, it has acquired Spotlight Events. A live events company, to bring exclusive concerts to its users across the Middle East.

Anghami’s Growth

Profile Abu DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 220M has grown to become one of the leading music streaming platforms in the Middle East and North Africa. It’s now home to more than 1.52 million total paying subscribers and has experienced 20% growth in music streams.

During the first half of 2022, Anghami recorded total revenue of $48.1 million. A 35.6% increase over the prior year period. This growth was driven by strong growth in paid subscribers and strong demand for Arabic content, which accounted for 60% of Anghami’s total music streams in 2022.

The company’s growth was also aid by several partnerships and initiatives to bolster its position as a leading provider of Arabic digital content and digital entertainment in the MENA region. These include the recent acquisition of Spotlight Events, a leading live events company. In addition, Anghami has entered into agreements with Arabic music labels and independent artists to license exclusive content. While continuing to engage in licensing new content from major International labels, including Universal, Sony, and Warner.

Anghami’s Strategy

Founded in 2012, Profile Abu DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 220M has built a market-leading platform that streams 57 million songs to 70 million registered users. With 1 billion monthly streams. It is the only service available in English, Arabic and French and remains close to its customers, not only through its pan-regional presence but also via 56 million user data points it generates every day.

Anghami’s strategy has focus on developing products and services that respond to local demand while being aligned with global market trends. As a result, it has become a leader in the legal music streaming space across MENA, with a strong regional footprint and a dedicated team of experts.

During its early years, Anghami had to face the challenges of competing with global players such as Spotify and Deezer. Which offered more extensive music catalogs and more sophisticated features for their users. It adapted its R&D strategy to these challenges by making music video an important part of its offerings. Moreover, it added more than 300 podcasts to its content library. In addition, it introduced voice control and music recognition for its users’ convenience.

Anghami’s Future

In a matter of years, Profile Abu DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 220M — which means “my tunes” in Arabic — has become a major player in shaping the music business in the Middle East and North Africa. The app has 70 million registered users and nearly 60 million songs in its library.

Profile Abu DhabiBased Anghami 1.4M 220M is betting on local Arabic content to drive its future growth as it aims to maintain its leadership position in the Arabic music streaming market. It is also investing in developing the MENA music industry by partnering with top labels and artists to grow the local talent pool. As well as by building relationships with music distributors to make music available to more than 75 million MENA-based subscribers.

Final Words:

The company is looking to expand internationally, with a focus on the US and Canada. It also plans to expand its presence in the Arab diaspora. Bringing the region’s music to new audiences around the world.

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