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Which Camera is Best for Home Security?

Home Security

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to home security cameras. They all come with different features, and some of them are even smart.

Most of the best security cameras store footage online, where you can review it whenever you want. Some devices also allow you to download the clips directly to your phone or laptop.

Excellent Selection of Wireless & Wired Cameras

Reolink Coupon Code makes an excellent selection of wireless and wired cameras, with a broad array of features. They are a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses, because of their image quality, user-friendly setup, and affordability.

Reolink also offers a range of cloud storage plans, with options for both individual and multi-camera systems. This allows you to store videos locally, and keep them safe.

Cloud Recordings

However, you will need a subscription plan to access cloud recordings. And you will still have to upload them individually to download.

The Reolink E1 Pro is a solid entry-level camera that supports RTSP streams and ONVIF compliance. This means that it can work with DIY NAS NVRs.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Arlo offers a number of different video surveillance cameras that are easy to install and operate. They’re a good choice for anyone who’s not looking to invest in a professional home security system.

They also offer subscription-based cloud storage options that include 30-day video history, advanced object detection, package detection and smart alerts. There’s also a temperature sensor that can detect when hot and cold spots are present in your home, which can help optimize a smart thermostat.

IP-Rated & Waterproof

The cameras are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and can be mounted nearly anywhere in your home. They’re IP-rated and waterproof, meaning they’re protected from solid objects, low-pressure water jets and rain.

YI is a Chinese company that makes security cameras for just about every budget range. They’re fast to set up, offer excellent video quality, and have a reliable mobile app.

The camera is equipped with both continuous recording and motion-based recording, with the latter enabling it to record videos whenever it senses movement. You can choose the sensitivity of the motion-detection system and set an active monitoring zone to only send you alerts when it detects activity in specific areas.

Time-Lapse Clips

You can also control the audio that plays when you receive an alert and view live feeds from up to nine cameras in a single app screen. Up to 30 days of alert recordings are stored in the cloud, and you can create time-lapse clips for free.

The MI Home Security Camera 360deg 2K offers a good mix of features at an excellent price. Despite its modest design, the motorised pan-and-tilt lens allows it to take in a full 360-degree view of your room.

Motion Detection

The device connects to your home Wi-Fi network and has motion detection, night vision and a IR sensor. It also supports recording to a MicroSD card or a NAS, so you can watch the footage later on.

The device’s setup is very simple, too. You just plop it on a table or shelf, point it at an area you want to monitor, and tilt it forward or back to get the best viewing angle.

Anker is best known for its chargers, cables, and power banks, but the company also makes a series of smart home devices. One of the products it offers is a 4G security camera that’s designed to be placed in areas where you don’t have Wi-Fi service.

Final Words:

The Eufy 4G Starlight Camera is a unique camera because it can record color video in low light conditions. This functionality is enabled by a built-in 2K starlight sensor that lets it see in the dark and capture video.

It also has an AI-powered feature that can recognize faces without having to connect to the cloud, which is a major plus for subscription-averse consumers. However, the camera’s 8GB of local storage won’t be enough for long videos.

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